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This page tries to index all the installers and other files I host on the WebbIE site.

WebbIE Version 3 Installers

Thunder Screenreader

This is the completely free screenreader from screenreader.net. See the Thunder download page.

DiComp Installers

DiComp was a Thunder project producing internationalised (translated) Thunder versions. DiComp Installers.

Old versions

Latest versions of the Accessible programs (RSS, Podcatcher etc.) can all be obtained by installing the latest, current WebbIE 4 installer.

Juice Installer

See Juice

Client Applications that Never Made It

These are programs I've written but never put into general release. You're very welcome to try them out and let me know if they work, or how they might be improved.

Accessible Podcaster
This is a program for creating - not listening to - podcasts. It will let you record yourself, convert to MP3 using LAME, then upload the files to your website.
eSpeakSAPI5Voices.msi Installer
This is an installer for the open-source eSpeak SAPI5 voices.
AccessibleDaisy.exe Installer
This program lets you play audio CDs and DAISY Digital Talking Books, although the supported versions may be old.
PodcastCreator.zip Zip of three program files
Podcast Creator should be run in the folder with your MP3 files for your podcast and will create the rss.xml podcast file, and let you edit it later. Unzip all three files into the folder and run PodcastCreator.exe.
Adventure.msi Installer for ZMachine adventure game player
Adventure should let you open Z-Machine adventure games.

Support files

These are third-party programs that may be necessary for you to use WebbIE.

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